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Time to work on the exegesis

In Honours blog on August 13, 2009 at 6:39 am

It is time to begin working on the exegesis I think. I don’t want to get to the end and get stressed out because of micr0-management so here we go:

Here’s some advice for students doing a Master of Arts.

The exegesis

The exegesis will be based on the same body of research that informs the creative work. It will explore a topic implicitly or explicitly related to the creative work, or the literary and/or cultural fields relevant to the creative work.

The connection between the exegesis and the creative work should be obvious to examiners. They must be clearly related.

The exegesis will conform with the conventions and style appropriate to contemporary academic prose and be written in a style appropriate to its target readership and genre. It must demonstrate mastery of the more traditional conceptual and scholarly skills expected of a MA candidate—for example:

  • wide reading; being informed about the field; referencing other primary and secondary works/sources
  • being rigorous and ethical
  • making substantial contribution to knowledge
  • writing with aesthetic merit and impact; using the language of the discourse/discipline
  • arguing, including pre-emptive argument, and providing evidence for positions
  • positioning the voice of the researcher

The exegesis will ordinarily represent a writing discipline different from that of the creative work. Exceptions are possible with approval of supervisors.

Word length

The exegesis will normally be 5-10,000 words in length: it should have a narrow enough field to be adequately dealt with in 5-10,000 words.


The exegesis does not usually precede the creative work, although this is not unheard of. And while not necessarily written synchronously with the creative work, you should commence from the beginning of your research and candidature to read, keep accurate records of references, and take notes.