Class feedback

In Honours blog on August 5, 2009 at 9:14 am

I though it would be a good idea to put some of the class feedback on here. So here’s some advice, and suggestions from last Thursdays class.

  • scale it down to possible quality work- 6 good podcasts with a well documented blog is great stuff I reckon
  • photo slide over it? look up the Chanel podcasts, interviews with photos over it
  • an amateur or casual aesthetic may distinguish the podcast from other forms of media
  • a personal unaffected style may be more successful than one based on a theory or formal style
  • Is a podcast from a news publication inherently an old-media approach?
  • It is important to justify the medium and how they are used by the target audience
  • Bring form and content together, it seems like it is the way to demonstrate your research
  • It’s good that you’re sort of doing a ‘how to?’ concept of a project

And from the discussion afterwards:

  • Who’s the audience?
  • A house style
  • Trend towards more informal news
  • Could be like a weekend magazine add on on their website
  • Do you lose traditional news values in the podcast medium? The blog fills in the gaps
  • Audio slide show perhaps with talking over the photos.

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