Article summary: Stephen Quinn and Deirdree Quinn-Allan

In Honours blog on August 5, 2009 at 7:57 am

Quinn, Stephen and Quinn-Allan, Deirdre. “User-generated content and the changing news cycle”, Australian Journalism Review, v.28, no.1, July 2006: 57-70.

This article is almost more exploratory than covering new ground. It looks at old research, mainly from the US, and looks at what the uptake of new media has been. It suggests that the media needs to adapt to the changing times. And that jounalism educators  should be teaching skills like creating moblogs, podcasts, and v-logs.

“How many journalism educators have created a moblog, or a podcast,
or a v-log? The answers to these questions will show how much or little we
know about the emerging force of participatory journalism.  If nothing else, they
will suggest some lively areas for further research.” (pg. 68)

“The Pew Center in the United States reported in mid-
2005 that about eight million Americans h a d created blogs and
32 million read them. That’s equivalent to two-thirds the number
o fpeople who read a daily newspaper during a week, a challeng-
ing figure in the context o f dwindling circulations.” (pg. 57) What would this figure be like now, even more dire for newspapers I imagine)

Cover age o f the London bombings on July 7, 2005, was a watershed in the
history o f journalism, as the event was the catalyst for the emergence o f a new
form of reportage in the United Kingdom that has come t o be known as “participatory” or “citizen” journalism.” (pg. 57)

“The rise o f “pmt i ci pat or y” j our nal i sm has occurred at the
expense o f traditional media.” (pg. 58)

“in the 50 years to 2004… in Australia, the population in the six state
capitals rose 257 per cent, but average weekday newspaper circulation dropped
by almost a third (Quinn, 2006a, p. 30). In the past decade alone, per capita
consumption of Australian newspapers has dropped 20 per cent for Monday-to-
Friday editions, and 18 per cent on Saturdays. Free-to-air viewing o f news has
declined 20 per cent since 1965, with a quarter o f the fall happening since 2001
(Mitchell, 2005, p. 15).(p. 58)

“Podcast i ng represent s another example of personal media,
where individuals choose what they hear rather than relying on radio stations.
Convenience is king.” (pg. 59)

“Dan Gillmor has advocated what
he calls grassroots journalism: “Every reporter should realize that, collectively,
the readers know more than they do about what they write about . ” (quoted in
Vara, 2005)” (pg. 68)


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