Article summary: Don Descy

In Honours blog on August 5, 2009 at 8:11 am

Descy, Don. “Podcasting: Online Media Delivery…With a Twist”. TechTrends Vol. 49, 2005.

This is a good overall explanation of how podcasting has come along in the last few years. Who’s making them and who’s listening to them. It encourages people to become producers.
“Why is podcasting becoming so popular? Because by using podcasting technology anyone has the ability to post commentary, music or just about any sounds on the web and on subscription podcasts. The subscription
podcasting feature allows automatic updating of the information…Now, anyone can be a political pedant, disc jockey, know- it-all or whatever, and even cultivate their own audience eagerly awaiting their new updates. Podcasting relies on technology that anyone can use and podcast software can be obtained at a great price: free.” (pg. 4)

“Podcasting has also become a commercial phenomenon. Many major newspapers, radio and television stations and even religious groups are getting on the podcast bandwagon.” (pg. 5)

“With iTunes it is a snap to browse, find, sample and subscribe to any of thousands of free radio broadcasts (podcasts). With podcasting you never have to miss your favorite radio program or commentator.” (pg. 5)


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