Article summary: Axel Bruns

In Honours blog on August 5, 2009 at 9:04 am

Axel Bruns, “Online ‘produsers’ dish up the news”, ON LINE opinion, 2005.

Bruns suggests the idea of ‘publishers’ and ‘media’ are outdated, “Especially in digital contexts the producer-consumer dichotomy is crumbling fast, as is evident from a very broad range of emerging practices.” (pg. 1) And that the way we consume media is changed forever, we are now all ‘produsers’!

“Or take the rapid success of the user-produced Wikipedia in dethroning the previously undisputed Encyclopaedia Britannica as the most accessed online encyclopaedia.” (pg. 1) Things can change very rapidly in an online world.

In this brave new world of grassroots individual and collaborative content production (and distribution!), of vernacular creativity, media organisations do not publish any more, they publicise: they don’t make public, they make more public.” (pg. 1)

He suggests that Australia is going backwards in some areas:

“In Australia the online operations of traditional media outlets have been relatively slow to react to this trend, and continue to hinder rather than help their users. Indeed, sites such as the FairfaxDigital online newspapers have even made a massive step backwards by requiring their users to register before being able to gain full access to their sites. Rather than increasing their reach by allowing users to engage with their content more productively (by linking to it, blogging it, commenting on it), this effectively shuts out casual readers – an utterly ill-considered and frankly stupid move that shows nothing but contempt and mistrust towards potential users.” (pp1-2)

“But whatever the fate of any such individual endeavour, overall the move from consuming to produsing is well underway. The media won’t ever be the same again.” (pg.2)


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