My first dérive

In Honours blog on July 3, 2009 at 8:17 am
Well I went on my first official dérive last Sunday night with my dad. And it was lots of fun, I think I’m going to enjoy drifting all over Melbourne.By Don Mudge

By Don Mudge

We went out to dinner and shared a bottle of red (I feel Guy Debord would agree that this isn’t such a bad way to start the dérive) then decided to walk down to Federation Square. On the way to Fed Square we walked past a particularly impressive laneway. The lights in The Atrium were glowing quite beautifully and lit up the graffiti in the lane. Dad is a great photographer and took the opportunity for a bit of street photography. The results are above and below.

By Don Mudge

By Don Mudge

Then after that we checked out the light festival at Fed Square. Took more photos. Then decided we needed some sustenance so drifted into Timeout for some coffees and dessert.

Then more wandering the streets. I’d heard about this Electric graffiti down Lingham Lane and we checked it out. Very cool, a moving projection of graffiti that you could easily walk past twenty times without noticing it. Worth checking out. Turns out there are a bunch of laneway commissions, check out the above link for the rest of them.

Then until about midnight we wandered around taking photos. It’s really nice to not have a particular aim for the evening. To drift and wander around your urban environment. Looking at things you wouldn’t normally take the time to stop and look at.

I think we probably spent 20 minutes sitting on milk crates looking at the electric graffiti. Getting up for cars every now and then that wanted to come down the laneway. I’ve decided to use one of the photos for my podcast blog header.

By Don Mudge

By Don Mudge


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