News article: Podcast Audience Up 22% Since Last Year

In Honours blog on June 22, 2009 at 9:20 am

This is evidence of the ongoing growth of podcasting. The article is form podcastingnews.com, a great resource for my research.

Podcast Audience Up 22% Since Last Year

Apr 17th, 2009 | By Elisabeth Lewin

“According to the report, the podcast audience has grown by 22% since last year, expanding from 18% of all Americans in 2008 to 22% in 2009.”

Podcast Audience. Forty-three percent of Americans are aware of podcasts, up from 37% last year. Twenty-two percent of Americans have ever listened to a podcast (up from 18% in 2008), and approximately 27 million (or 11%) have listened to one in the past month (up from 9% last year).”

Again, very America-centric. But what can you do? You gotta go where the information is!

  1. Yes, but I do think the US has the highest uptake on podcasting due to the cultural tendency towards time-value.

    • That’s a good point. I was reading another paper today that suggested “Australians are a little ‘too relaxed and comfortable’ to meaningfully participate in the news and political process on a wide scale” (Quinn in Braham and Rodriguez 2008). They were talking about blogs, but perhaps this crosses over to other forms of new media? Maybe Australians just don’t care as much if they aren’t multi-tasking while they commute or exercise, etc.?

    • PS. Thanks for the comment. It’s fun to get other people’s input 🙂 Makes me feel less like I’m writing to myself.

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