Article summary: Thomas McDonough

In Honours blog on June 4, 2009 at 2:14 am

McDonough, Thomas. “The Derive and Situationist Paris”. 1996

This article discusses the maps produced by Guy Debord of Paris, showing the city through a psychogeographists eyes.

“These maps delineate these features, and in the process recreate the city through an evocation of spaces known essentially to their inhabitants, but which elude the attentions of the map-maker.” (pg. 2)

“Debord describes this map as an example of “a modern poetry capable of provoking sharp emotional reactions (in this case indignation at the fact that there are people who live like that).”” (pg. 3)

“…the city should be experienced not as a homogeneous field but as an emotionally ambient milieu of possible trajectories.” (pg. 3)

“After all, urban ethnography always aimed to be the written representation of a given (sub)culture.” (pg. 4) So I guess I’m aiming to be the aural representation?

Overall a very specific paper to psychogeographic maps, but useful nonetheless.


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