Article summary: Magda Knight

In Honours blog on June 2, 2009 at 1:23 pm

Knight, Magda. “Psychogeography for Beginners”. Mookychick.co.uk, Accessed 2/6/09

This is a “how to” article on the website Mookychick, which is an alternative, burlesque, retro, indie website, with a bit of goth, geek and pagan thrown in for good measure. And it’s for the ladies.

Anyway, pretty well researched article for a pretty obscure topic considering the type of website it is. Pscychogeography comes under the same heading as finding your animal spirit and Hinduism. The reason it got put under this title is it’s considered to be “semi-occult” (pg. 1)

Pretty cool website, lots of variety! On with the summary…

They define psychogeography as “finding out how the environment you live in shapes the way you think.” (pg. 1)

So if you go on a derive – that is, a gentle walk with the aim to discover something new about your area – try to find patterns where there aren’t any. look out for graffiti, words on shop-signs and posters. Talk to local people, and take plenty of photos.” (pg. 1-2)

“When you apply psychogeographic techniques to explore your environment, you’re looking around you with open eyes.” (pg. 2)

“Find yourself exploring bus stops, public toilets and sidestreets.” (pg. 2)

“Set aside an hour to find places in the hippest / busiest part of town where you could sit and enjoy the scene without buying or doing anything, if you wanted to.” (pg. 4)

“Whenever you go on a derive, always take a notebook. You’ll end up having surprising thoughts, going off on a tangent – and forgetting them immediately. Any notes you get – descriptions of people, ideas about how your city is used, amazing graffiti you found – all these thoughts are your own, not taught you by anyone.” (pg. 4)

There are some useful descriptions of other psychogeographers, and several links.

Iain Sinclair, Wilfried Hou Je Bek, Alan Moore, Colin Wilson, and J.G.Ballard .

Here are some of the links Magda found for us all 🙂


Conflux A festival for urban psychogeographers.

“Conflux is the annual New York festival for contemporary psychogeography, the investigation of everyday urban life through emerging artistic, technological and social practice. At Conflux, visual and sound artists, writers, urban adventurers and the public gather for four days to explore their urban environment.”

Manchester Area Psychogeographic

Empty Streets

Social Fiction


Derelict London

More about flaneur

Bop Secrets

Unfinished Buildings

A good resource, good to see a modern perspective. Everything I’ve been reading has been too obscure or too dry.

(And on a side note, I feel the need to rant about inefficient repairs on rental houses. I am a poor student who lives in a house with a leaking roof. I have cups sitting on my desk catching the drops. I just hope the roof doesn’t fall in on me as I type.)


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