Article summary: Sher Doruff

In Honours blog on June 1, 2009 at 4:16 am

Doruff, Sher. “From Psychogeography to Cybertopology: Situating “Place” in the Disorientating Dérive 2006

This is an interesting article about defining place in the real world and in an online world. Using “real” here is probably not very accurate after reading this article!

“The psychogeographic experience of drifting through an urban landscape without purpose, guided by the shifting rhythms of random and selective attraction is a well-known ‘subversive’ aesthetic initiated by several European artist/activist groups in the 1950’s.” (pg. 1)

“Originally the connotations of an urban dérive alluded to both poverty and potential of “everyday life;” privileging the unpredictable over the routine and habitual; play over work; disorientation over orientation.” (pg. 1) I’m not sure how many elements of psychogeography I want to incorporate into my podcasts. Some of it doesn’t seem that relevant, because they will need to be organised and structured to some extent to achieve the outcomes I’ve set out.

“Play is subversive, transgressive. It uses the détourement, a diversionary appropriation of one aesthetic for another, as a method.” (pg. 2)

“As an aesthetic method, the dérive runs counter to a contemporary fascination with GPS and GIS technologies from which mobility emerges from a static location and can subsequently be traced from point to point.” (pg. 6)


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