Article summary: Domingo, Quandt, Heinonen, Paulussen, Singer, Vujnovic.

In Honours blog on June 1, 2009 at 3:55 am

Domingo, Quandt, Heinonen, Paulussen, Singer, Vujnovic. “Participatory Journalism Practices in the Media and Beyond”. 2008

This about the changing role of journalism in an online landscape, and how mass media is adjusting to the rise in participatory news practices.

“Thus, institutional journalism has encountered-for the first time- a serious challenge to its function, an activity parallel to its own.” (pg 327)

“A first overview of participatory features in the analysed websites indicates that most of the options explored by citizen media sites had not been widely adopted by these online newspapers at the time of the study.” (pg. 334)

“This suggests that the institutional media had largely kept the journalistic culture unchanged even when exploring participation opportunities for the audience.” (pp. 334-335)

“…general reluctance to open up most of the news production process to the active involvement of citizens. These results suggest that, as of the study period in 2007, core journalistic culture had remained largely unchanged in the 16 online newspapers analysed” (pg. 339).

“It should be emphasisied that much has changed since these data were collected in 2007,” (pg. 340)

So it seems that online newspapers were reluctant to incorporate citizen journalists, and other participation. But that in the last two years the situation has changes somewhat. The problem with all these studies is that things change so quickly online that it’s hard to find research that is relevant now. This is saying things weren’t so great in 2007, and that things have changed. But just how much have things changed?


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