Some thought and stats on podcasting

In Honours blog on May 31, 2009 at 1:15 pm

Mohney, Doug. “Ipodder good fodder for MP3” 2004.

“However, the broadcast industry barely has its brain around streaming media. MP3 distribution of popular radio shows is something that they just don’t want to deal with unless they can see a clear profit out of the whole scheme. It’s too bad, because I’d love to listen to a couple of shows more often, but I don’t have the time. The iPodder would give me the time through technology.” This is good as a historical text. Because I really don’t think many in the broadcast industry are anti-podcasting any more. Goes to show how quickly things can change in an online world.

I came across an article refering to a 2006 Pew Internet poll. So I decided to see what Pew Internet had been saying more recently.

Madden, Mary and Jones, Sydney. “Podcast Downloading 2008” 2008.

“Some 12% of internet users say they have downloaded a podcast so they can listen to it or view it at a later time. This finding compares to the 7% of internet users who reported podcast downloading in our February-April 2006 survey. However, few internet users are downloading podcasts with great frequency; in both surveys, just 1% report downloading a podcast on a typical day.”

A Nielsen report concluded:

  • 6% of respondents described themselves as regular podcast downloaders, more than 75% of whom were male.
  • Approximately 38% of these active podcast downloaders say they are listening to radio less often.
  • Some 72% of respondents who regularly download podcasts say they download an average of one to three podcasts per week.

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