Article review: Jay Rosen

In Honours blog on May 31, 2009 at 4:19 am

Rosen, Jay. “Users-Know-More-Than-We-Do-Journalism” PRESSthink, 2006.

Rosen is a blogger and “a press critic, a writer, and a professor of journalism at New York University.” (Wikipedia) He presented this argument at BloggerCon in 2006, for a summary go here.

He has lots of citations in his blog and is obviously very knowledgeable about the media, journalism, citizen journalists, etc.

As usual here are some of the more relevant quotes to my research.

“In fact it’s not clear yet how we can take ideas and developments like… distributed knowledge, social networks, collaborative editing, the wisdom of crowds, citizen journalism, pro-am production, decentralized newsgathering, we media… and turn them into actual investigations, published reports that draw attention because they reveal what was previously unknown— you know, news.” (pg. 1)

“I tried to imagine a project that would demonstrate how big the potential gains were , if you could empower users. ..A blog-organised , red-blue, 50-state coalition of citizen volunteers who would read and attempt to decipher every word of every bill Congress votes on and passes next year.” (pg. 2) This is an interesting idea. This would truly be citizens taking control of the watch-dog role of journalists. Keeping an eye on their politicians and not just relying on media organisations. It’s the sort of project that could never work in a company because it wouldn’t be economical. It would work in a similar way to Wikipedia I imagine.

“Right now the need is for more trials, more fire, and many more collaborations going on so we can see what difference social networks make in the art and science of investigative reporting.” (pg. 2)

Overall a good source, but quite short.


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