Article review: Jay Rosen #2

In Honours blog on May 31, 2009 at 4:43 am

Rosen, Jay. “The People Formerly Known as the Audience” PRESSthink.
And here’s another one by Rosen on a similar topic. It’s all about how the media had been taken back by the audience.

“Once they were your printing presses; now that humble device, the blog, has given the press to us. That’s why blogs have been called little First Amendment machines. They extend freedom of the press to more actors.

Once it was your radio station, broadcasting on your frequency. Now that brilliant invention, podcasting, gives radio to us. And we have found more uses for it than you did.” (pg. 1)

Dan Gillmor has described this new empowered internet user as the “former audience”.

“But we’re not on your clock any more. Tom Curley, CEO of the Associated Press, has explained this to his people. “The users are deciding what the point of their engagement will be — what application, what device, what time, what place.”” (pg. 2) A very good point. People now want freedom and power when they consume media, or create it. People are no longer passive when it comes to news and media and communication.

The people formerly known as the audience are simply the public made realer, less fictional, more able, less predictable. You should welcome that, media people. But whether you do or not we want you to know we’re here.” This blog almost seems like a battle cry to mass media. A warning, accept or be overrun! Interesting.

This is a useful source as it brings together a whole lot of different thinkers on the topic of the “Active Audience” or the “eyeballs” (pg. 3) Good.


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