Queen’s College Documentary

In Transient Spaces on May 28, 2009 at 5:01 am

Queen’s College is one of  Melbourne University’s academic colleges.

I attended Queen’s in 2006 and 2007.

As part of my Honours course at RMIT I’m taking a class called Transient Spaces. We were asked to make a documentary about a community. Because I had an insight into the  Queen’s College community I felt this was an urban community that would be worth exploring.

I chose to make three mini-documentaries, each exploring a different theme within the community as well as a different documentary theory.

Community” looks at what makes a community work.

Borders” explores the exclusivity within communities.

“Bad Behaviour” looks at delinquency, and how you define this within a community.

See my previous post, Documentary Learning Contract for a more detailed look at the themes and theories being explored.

Go to Google Maps and search “Queen’s College Documentary” to look at where Queen’s College is, and have a look at some of the areas within and around this community.

Flickr has many photos of this community in action.

Wikipedia‘s entry on the college gives a good overview.

My Videos on Facebook was a great place to share the documentaries as most Queeners are part of this social network. It enables easy commenting and tagging, unlike youtube, which fewer people are active members of.

  1. I like it! But the Bad Behaviour video doesn’t seem to be on YouTube. Is that the one you were having trouble uploading?

    • It was, but I think it’s finally up now! Maybe because it was just under ten minutes it was taking longer to process? No idea. Your doco looks great by the way. And you don’t need to worry, it’s funny to non-gamers too.

      • Haha, thanks! It’s good to hear it. We had so many arguments about what would be funny to ‘normal’ people. I was half-expecting dead silence at the lab today…

        By the way, Bad Behaviour doesn’t feel any longer than the other videos, I think. It goes to show how much having a strong hook can help.

  2. Hey Tessa,

    i think our versions of wordpress are different (mine is old because I don’t know how to upgrade) but uploading photos should be fairly similar.

    When you are writing a post, to insert a picture click the symbol that is a square with a little picture of a tree inside. Then a box will appear where you paste the url of the image you want in. (To get the url of an image, right click the image then pick “copy image loaction”) then click accept and it should be in your post!

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