Editing down

In Transient Spaces on May 28, 2009 at 3:28 am

Ok, now, big breath. I think the docos are finally done.

Community is about four minutes.

Borders is about six minutes.

Bad Behaviour is about ten minutes.

It can be so hard to cut out quotes and footage and all these things that represent all the work you’ve done.

But in the end people wont bother watching it at all if it’s too long!

I’m currently uploading them on Facebook. I’ve been having more trouble with youtube. No idea what’s wrong…

Emily helped me out with how to export the movies into a web format so they’d be small enough to upload.

Doing this task has made me realise where the holes in my knowledge are. I can shoot and edit a movie. But I don’t know anything about types of files, file sizes, and how to share things online. These are pretty integral parts of this course so it is very useful to have been able to learn these things.

Now time for all the supporting links…


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