In Transient Spaces on May 22, 2009 at 2:37 am

I’ve done the rough cuts for all three mini-docs.

Community and Borders are both under 10 minutes, but Bad Behaviour is almost 17 minutes. Bad Behaviour has a case study within it which the others don’t. So it’s hard to get the length down without hurting the substance of it.

And I’m almost feeling like they should all be closer to five minutes, considering how short people’s attention spans are. I think I’m going to head back into the edit suite and be severe with cutting. The old KISS principle.

And after showing it in class today I realised that terms like “wyvern”, “3J”, etc. aren’t widely understood, so I’ll need some kind of explanation when I introduce a foreign term.

The PTC was too dark compared to the rest of the documentary. So it might be cut too.

The music is  a bit too loud over the Masters first clip, so I need to lower that.

Community seems like a bit of a puff piece when viewed on its own. But with the others it’s more balanced.documentary, edit

The text introducing people needs a drop shadow, or box around it to make it easier to read.


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