Book review: The Business Podcasting Book

In Honours blog on May 13, 2009 at 6:34 am

This book is targeted at businesses that want to create a podcast to reach their customers. But the theory and the reasoning is relevant to anyone who is interested in making a podcast.

Greg Cangialosi with Ryan Irelan, Tim Bourquin, Collette Vogele, “The Business Podcasting Book”, 2008

“…this medium is not just a passing fad. It’s a communication revolution.” (pg. 11)

“Much of what you will need to know in order to produce the best podcast stems from knowing your audience. What do they want? What are they looking for?” (pg. 15)

“However, social media is here to stay, and so businesses have to have to evolve and learn to adapt to this new medium, much as they have in the past.” (pg. 23)
“Social media relies on the experiences of real people with their own thoughts and opinions.” (pg. 27)

“Offering information in a portable way is essential to reaching consumers as social media continues to evolve. People are no longer content to recieve media and information in a manner that requires them to remain in one spot.” (pg. 28)

“Social media has become even more of an on-demand phenomenon because of their  ability to syndicate content. ” (pg. 29)

“Podcasts offer acces to very targeted, niche audiences, and embrace the changing face of consumer media demands.” (pg. 40)

“The success of a podcast is directly linked to the quality of its content. The more specific and engaging your content is, the more appealing it will be to your niche audience. Don’t be afraid to be specific and have a narrow focus.” (pg. 83)

“Consistency us a key to podcasting successfully. It is important to establish a voice that will connect your audience the same way from the first podcast to the hundredth.” (pg. 100)

Formats for a podcast, from Chapter 5.

  • Single Host Talk
  • Multiple Host Talk
  • Interview
  • Roundtable discussion
  • Sound-seeing tour
  • Newspiece
  • Educational piece
  • Quiz show
  • Live presentation

I’m leaning towards the sound-seeing tour combined with elements of the others, such as an interview segment or vox pops.

“A sound-seeing tour is an audio tour that records the ambient sounds of the podcast host’s environment. The host acts as the tour guide, offering description and commentary of what is going on around her.” (pg. 111)

There is also lots of technical information in theis book. Metadata and how you can put information into your podcast MP3 file is on page 166. Page 168 explains how to attach artwork to your podcast.

Show Notes “provide your listeners with links and information on topics mentioned in the podcast episode. They offer a way for search engines to index your podcast using the keywords listed in your show notes.” (pg. 172)

“If your podcast episodes run longer than 10 minutes, you should consider using timestamps in your show notes. A timestamp is simply an hour and minute listing.” (pg. 174)

Podcast Hosting Services: Libsyn and Hipcast are suggested on page 184 as good sites for the “cost-conscious user”.

Feedreader Software: Google Reader FeedDemon and Bloflines are a few suggested on page 249.

And for ease of future reference here are some of the useful references.

pg. 251. Feedburner and iTunes podcasting.

pg. 252. Feed validator

pg. 262. Leading podcast directories, iTunes, Yahoo!, Digg, PodcastDirectory, Odeo, Podcast Alley, podcast.net, PodcastPickle, Podfeed, Digital Podcast.

pg. 275. SEO and resources like Wordtracker and Yahoo!

pg. 276.  Explains the benefits of having transcripts of you podcast.

pg. 281. Has an example of good show notes.

pg. 301. Describes how and why you might have advertisements on your blog/podcast.

pg. 305. Discusses the benefits of having an animated headline http://www.feedburner.com has a good one.

pg 314. Describes adding audio comments. Mobatalk, Odeo and k7.net are all free.

pg.318. Explains how to create and use a wiki.

pg. 324. Suggests you vreate a podcast profile on social networks.

pg. 325. Shows how you can make a community on collectivex.

pg.363. Has references to advertising and cross-promotion sites. Blubrry, Kiptronic, Podango, Podtrac and RadioTail are a few.

And…I think that just about does it. *large sigh*

Great resource.


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