Article summary: Carie Windham

In Honours blog on May 13, 2009 at 6:55 am

Windham, Carrie, “Confessions of a Podcast Junkie: A Student Perspective”
Windham explores the take-up of podcast listening and creating in American Universities.

Lots of good anecdotal information about what students like and don’t like.

“For students, the iPod is about convenience…And yet, though iPods are ubiquitous, podcasts are less so.” (pg. 3)

“‘I appreciate podcasting for what it is- the ability to narrowcast in such a free format,’ Martinez-Mann says.” (pg. 8 )

“Just because a student totes an iPod on campus doesn’t mean that the student is podcast-savvy.” (pg. 8 ) I know I certainly wasn’t! My dad was listening to podcasts for ages before I started to explore them. When you don’t understand something you assume it’s going to be hard, and avoid it.

Students stress the need to keep audio and visual concise and engaging. Even time spent ‘on the go’ is valuable time.” (pg. 8 )

Some of the benefits of podcasting:

“The ability to access course content on a 24-hour basis..the chance to take their learning mobile…the ease of access…able to get ‘intimate’ with the course material”. (pg. 10)

This was a good article to understand what students are looking for in a podcast. It was aimed at teachers providing resources for their students, but the principles for keeping them engaged are appropriate for me too.

Students are my target audience.

Overall a good resource.

  1. hey tess,

    haven’t got your email, but i just found this and thought it is right up your alley. the journal is pretty good too (in case you haven;t already found it).


    i think it has some interesting stuff..

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