Podcast review: Macabre Melbourne

In Honours blog on May 11, 2009 at 12:22 pm

Name: Macabre Melbourne

Length: 1hr+

Subject: Melbourne history, culture, entertainment and dining

Website: http://macabremelbourne.com/blog/

This podcast is very entertaining. It brings together a group of Melburninans with various interests. They’re all late 20’s. Very into booze, bars, swearing, and culture and history. Intelligent types who get together for a chat about a city they love and get a bit tipsy. They talk about the frivolous, the debaucherous and the serious. A conversation might go like this:

“Thankyou for grapes for rotting and becoming something really delicious…can you create Melbourne out of nothing?…that’s a dogma that the entire city subscribes to, I don’t think they like to come to a place where they’re being funnelled into…I swear to God if any of you come to Richmond and if there’s a development behind the Corner Hotel, if any of you tell the Corner Hotel to be quiet, I will come to your house and slit your throat…boobs!”

As you can see they are colourful in their descriptions, passionate about their city, and their language tends to be (as the pre-warning on the show says) “salty”.

Hilarious, but also just a tiny bit snobby. They were talking about the Comedy Festival and all basically agreed that while they generally find it very un-funny, it’s important to have such events to entertain all the plebs in Melbourne who aren’t intelligent enough to realise how un-funny most of the Comedy Festival is. Apart from this section of arrogance,  quite worth a listen.


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