How to put a pencil in a podcast?

In Honours blog on May 4, 2009 at 12:26 am

I was at a 21st on Friday and a guy there was walking around with a pencil behind his ear. I was intrigued. Was it an attempt to be post-post-modern with his fashion perhaps? Was he a person with so many thoughts that he put it there for emergency note-taking? Or was he attention-seeking?

I asked him and it was the latter. Or as he put it a “conversation starter”. He swore that the pencil had enabled him to have quantifiable success with two out of four girls he’d tried it on.

I was interested. While it was a little lame, it did work. I was talking to him wasn’t I? And several other people asked him about it as well.

So this got me thinking about my podcast. I think it needs a pull like that, something to intrigue, to surprise and get people wanting more, listening for more.

Any suggestions?

  1. Hey Tess, that’s a good question.

    For people who have already downloaded and are listening to your podcast, there’s the mysterious-opening-soundbite: the podcast begins with a clip of someone talking without them or the topic of the documentary being introduced. That’s pretty common and quite effective at drawing the listener in.

    For those who are just browsing and need to be persuaded to download your podcast, an intriguing name helps *a lot*.

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