Doco issues

In Transient Spaces on April 30, 2009 at 12:21 pm

I just had a thought. If I want to use music in the background do I have to pay royalties? Will it be possible at all? I’ve been researching podcasts and they definitely have a lot of trouble with the legalities involved with playing music. An email to Jenny is in need!

I also filmed some of piece to cameras (PTC). And it felt really lame. I don’t have any crew so I have to set the camera up, head around to the front and talk to the camera. I’ll see how they turn up but it feels a little artificial, I might end up just doing voice overs.

But then I need to decide whether I introduce myself? Or should I be the omniscient narrator. All seeing but never actually there.

  1. the trails and tribulations of a new broadcaster/blogger/pod caster, can you get a friend to man the camera like they do on tv – another way of using music is from artists that don’t mind you using them or what about new bands that might like the publicity … you must know a band that could provide you with music. There is obviously a lot of preparation to get it all to work. you will succeed tess

  2. Thanks for the support. Getting comments is fun!

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