Podcast review: Daily Source Code

In Honours blog on April 29, 2009 at 2:18 pm

Adam Curry is called the “Podfather” by some people. He’s credited by many as launching podcasts, and the Daily Source Code is the first and obviously, now longest running podcast.

His podcast features news and current affairs, rants, chat, music, other podcasts bits and pieces they send in, tech info. The 17th Feb episode goes for an 113 minutes.

The intro sequence has the words, “we don’t need no stinkin’ transmitter”, highlighting one of the biggest strengths of podcasts. Their independence from transmitters. Meaning podacsts can be downloaded (automatically using RSS) put onto your iPod, then listened to at leisure. So I’ve been listening to Curry’s podcast while at work. So I’m earning money, being entertained, blogging and doing uni research at the same time. Which apart from being very satisfying also complements this study on women being able to multi-task. Oh, now I’ve gone off topic, so you can add procrastinating to that list as well.

So Curry. Podfather. His podcast should be pretty good right? Well it’s ok. I listened to it. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. There was a fair amount of ranting. He was very unhappy about the new stimulus bill being pushed through.

He also thinks global warming is a big conspiracy theory/generally a lie. Which I disagree with, but everyone can have an opinion, so I’m not going to hold that against him. And he had a big rant at a fellow online contributor, Leo Laporte, who hosts TWIT, for bagging out his friend for voting for Palin/McCain as well as for bagging global warming sceptics. I’m not a big fan of people criticising people in a long, convoluted way. He could have made his point and moved on. But maybe that’s his style, and what his listeners are after. It was all a bit angry and aggressive for my liking.

The music on the show was great, a huge variety, but he had a reason behing most of them. One was a song he wanted played at his funeral, and he used it as a tribute to his listeners. Aw…schucks Adam.

It was very relaxed. He talked about his family and what he’d been up to. The amount of sleep he was getting. He burped, there was swearing. Very natural, very real. Polished, but in a confident way, there’s nothing clinical or over-produced about it.

He obviously lives and breathes the internet. He seems like a person worth listening to if you’re interested in techy stuff.

And he hadn’t done an episode for two weeks. He has other projects that are taking up his time now. He said it’s been a while since it’s been a Daily Source Code.

Overall it was entertaining, but I don’t think I’ll subscribe. Lots of interesting elements to think about for my podcast though.


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