Book review: Podcast Solutions

In Honours blog on April 27, 2009 at 1:54 pm
Michael Geoghegan, Dan Klass “Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Audio and Video Podcasting”, Published by Apress, 2007
A fantastic resource! This really is the best source I’ve found yet about how to actually go about creating your podcast. They talk about everything from RSS feed, to networking, to sound quality.
It was interesting to read about the history of podacsting and how Adam Curry basically decided to make it happen, even though he didn’t have the technical skills, he was able to attract those that did.
There is lots of practical information, including giving you the major podcast directories that you need to be listed on. The biggest ones are iPodder, iTunes and Podcast Alley.
Apparently you need to ping podacst trackers, which lets them know you’ve created another podcast.  See here for a running list of the most current podcasts. It gives you a little perspective on just how many podcasts there are out there.  Which is freakin’ heaps.
There are all sorts of things I’ve never heard about like podcast badges and selling yourself through promos.
A super duper resource.
PS. I have noticed I’ve been a bit slack with hyperlinks, naughty me. I will endeavour to improve. And as Blood says, blogs have been characterised by their emphasis on hyperlinks (Blood, R. “Weblogs: A History and Perspective”, 2000) So I suppose I ought to start conforming to that mould a little more.

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