Oh, the trials and tribulations!

In Transient Spaces on April 22, 2009 at 10:12 am

It really wasn’t that bad.

But today was extremely frustrating. I had scheduled two interviews at Queen’s and I was going to film some footage of the grounds as well.

I got to uni picked up the camera, tripod and lapel mic, and rode to Queen’s.

I begun to set up when I realised there was something fundamentally wrong with the camera. No image was coming up, just a light blue screen. We contacted some IT experts at the college who had no idea. I called the RMIT techys who weren’t sure either.

So I rode back to Queen’s and swapped cameras for one that would work.

Got back to Queen’s. Camera was fine. Set up tripod. Gout out mic….and there was no cable! By this time my interviewees were running out of time. It’s about a forty minute round trip to get to uni and back to Queen’s. Decided I wasn’t meant to film today.  So rode back to uni and dropped off the camera. And ended up missing the Transient Spaces lecture because of all the messing around.

Oh well. At least I’ll be triple-checking everything from now on.


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