Article summary: Thomas E. Ruggiero

In Honours blog on April 22, 2009 at 2:37 am

Thomas E. Ruggiero. “Paradigm Repair and Changing Journalistic Perceptions of the Internet as an Objective News Source” Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, Vol. 10, No. 4, 92-106 (2004)

This article explores the way journalists have reacted to the growing dominance of the internet. What their initial reactions were and how that has changed.

Here are a few pertinent quotes.

“Reese suggests that, in protecting the cultural authority of their profession, journalists engage in ‘paradigm repair’, or the maintenance of the cultural boundaries of journalism.” (p. 92)

“Journalists establish what is objective and not objective based on how they portray journalists, journalism, and technology.” (p. 96)

“…the study sought to shed light on journalistic reluctance to accept internet news content as ‘objective’ as compared to traditional media news content.” (p. 96)

“This analysis indicates that those particularly in the mainstream media were often vociferous in condemning the internet as a non-credible news source.” (p. 99)

“…journalists may continue to portray the internet as in need of paradigm repair because many support freedom of the press in theory, but not in practice. Most journalists, Godwin believes, are ‘not ready for a world in which everyone gets to be Clark Kent or Lois Lane’.” (p. 102-103)

This is an interesting article because it looks at the reluctance of mainstream media to accept online media into the “objective journalism” circle. This reluctance, while lessening with time, is probably what’s going to harm mainstream media the most. Embrace new media, or get taken over by it I believe.

A ‘great’ source under my tag method.


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