Article summary: Edgar Huang

In Honours blog on April 22, 2009 at 12:08 am

I thought I might start writing summaries of the articles I read for my project and lit review.

Here is an article by Edgar Huang, “The Causes of Youths’ Low News Consumption and Strategies for Making Youths Happy News Consumers”, Indiana University-Purdue University, Sage Publications, 2009.

This is a study that looks at the way youth consume media. Especially the decline in their newspaper readership, but also the new media they’re turning to.

It’s based in the US and involved three rounds of in-depth interviews with 28 students, selected to represent the diversity found in society.

This was a highly relevant article for me. A few comments really jumped out, “more than half of all teens have created content for the internet,” 61% of those interviewed read “newspapers once a week or less”.

20 out of the 28 said “in 10 years, they would access news primarily via the internet with different digital services.” And 26 thought that hardcopy newspapers “would be gone for good in the future”.

Of the 28, 10 blogged, 7 created podcasts, and 3 created vodcasts.

Considering I’m lookign at the decline in mass media and bringing journalism into niche media, this study supports the former, and gives a reason for exploring the latter.

I’m going to tag my readings maybe, good and great. So that when I want to search through the most relevant are easy to find.


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