What will media look like in the future?

In Honours blog on April 17, 2009 at 2:00 am

I went to the going away drinks for a friend who just got a job at AAP in Sydney. Considering her line of work there were an awful lot of media-types there to bid her adieu. There was a journalist from The Age. A presenter from Syn. A student over from India to do her Masters. Someone doing media and communication, etc.

We got onto the topic of where media was going and what it would all look like in the next ten, twenty years. One person thought newspapers were on a steady spiral downwards. Still existing perhaps, but not as the primary news source.

Another person believed podcasts were the future in terms of audio. Information that’s portable and on demand. So rather than listening to the radio, you would download the segments you’re interested in and listen when it’s convenient to you.

There was some different opinion regarding the future of news websites. Whether blogs, google.news or mainstream media websites would be victorious.

Most people did agree that mass media is on the decline. Through the internet people are drifiting away from traditional forms of media.


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