Project Outline:

In Honours blog on March 31, 2009 at 9:38 pm

Create a 12 episode serial of five-ten minute podcasts about life in Melbourne for students.

They will be:

  • A series, but able to be listened to independently of one another
  • Have a clear theme for each episode
  • Be based around Melbourne
  • A resource as well as entertaining
  • Be in the first person
  • Akin to a feature article in terms of descriptive information, capturing the atmosphere of the city
  • Supported by a blog with video, sound, images and links

In my research I will explore:

  • Niche online media
  • Podcasting
  • Blogging
  • Online journalism
  • Traditional vs new media

My exegesis will be discussing some of the following:

  • The role of traditional journalism in the climate of web 2.0.
  • How can traditional journalism be adapted to make the most of the changing online culture of niche media, and social networks?
  • The relationship between hard news reporting, feature writing and emerging online journalism like podcasts and blogs.
  • Immersive journalism.
  • Explore case studies of successful online media websites, eg. Crikey.com.
  • The transition from people migrating from getting their news from mass media to private sources. Content vs reputation.
  • How to translate literary/immersion/feature journalism into web
    2 audio podcasting. Changing the medium but keeping the feel of the aforementioned journalism writing styles.
  1. where there is a will a way will be found …. less time consuming than your original idea tess

  2. the time on your blog seems to be way off it is now 11.48pm

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