Legal questions answered!

In Transient Spaces on March 31, 2009 at 11:52 pm

Email from Jenny re: legal questions.

Hi Tess,

getting permission to use the footage depends on who owns the footage. If Queens employed a person to take the footage, then I would say Queens owns the footage and that’s who you get permission to use it from.

If it’s more like a group of enthusiasts taking the footage than I would say it’s likely that you need permission from the individuals.

If the students gave consent to be shot in the initial shoot, you do not need to get their permission again. If they are just there in the background, I don’t believe anybody ever needed their permission.

I don’t think you have the right to simply lift a photo from facebook. There are no rights statements on facebooks photos, so you should assume they re protected.

If you take your own photos, then yes I beleive you should tell the people what its for and get permission. However if they are ppl in the background, only marginally identifiable, you don’t need permission. If you think it’s sensitive I guess you can blur teir heads


So I can use the old Queen’s footage, I just need to get permission forms from the guys who filmed it. I’ll contact anyone who’s in photos I use and it is not as hard as I thought it might be!


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