Documentary overview

In Transient Spaces on March 31, 2009 at 3:12 am

This is a general outline of the documentary.


It’s a multimedia production, using existing social software and resources where Queen’s College already has a presence, such as Facebook, Wikipedia, etc.


It will be presented on a blog with links to all of these websites. There will also be links to video segments I’ve edited.


There will be three main themes. I’d like to interview the Master as well as a current Queener and a Wyvern, and then edit their responses together to explore each of the below issues.


Queen’s as a successful urban community. Questions to the Master on this topic:

  • What is the most important element that keeps Queen’s operating as such a close community?
  • How has this community changed from his time as a student, to his role now as a Master?
  • How does Queen’s support the people within its community?


 Student delinquency in colleges. Questions to the Master on this topic:

  • What do you see as some of the more anti-social, and anti-community behaviours some students exhibit?
  • What measures are in place to halt anti-social behaviour?
  • Do you believe the students and the administration see eye-to-eye on what’s viewed as delinquent behaviour?


Communities as closed environments. Questions to the Master on this topic:

  • Do you see Queen’s as an open (welcoming) or closed community?
  • Do you think that colleges are insular, or that students are “living in a bubble” while in college communities?
  • Do you think that experiencing a college community gives you an advantage for your academic, personal and professional life?

 I’ll interview the students asking generally the same questions. Depending on the Masters responses I might ask them to respond to his answers. These will be like three mini-documentaries supported by all the other social networks and communication websites. This way it will be published across a range of social networking sites, reaching people of diverse backgrounds, not just the ones on Facebook.


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