Project idea

In Honours blog on March 25, 2009 at 2:55 pm

After chatting to my many student acquaintances several people have suggested developing a travel guide website, or similar. A lot of students who move to Melbourne to study (a high percentage, I wonder how many?) don’t know the city at all.

Restaurants, bars, clubs, the post office, where to take their parents when they visit for the weekend, cheap movies, photocopying. All of these things require some local knowledge. So it has been suggested that a Student Guide to Melbourne would fill a niche need of students in Melbourne.

I could present in an easy to navigate, contributor-friendly, vernacular way. Really specific advice. Eg. Arrive at X between 10pm and 10:30pm. Girls should be in dresses, boys need non-sneakers and a collar. Beer costs X, spirit costs X. The bouncers are mean and if you’re a dude you wont get in unless you have girls with you. Music is a mix of X and Y. Normally shuts at X. Crowd is early twenties. Trendy alternative types. Good for chilling out on couches if you don’t want to talk (too loud) or dancing. Etc. Etc.

I could have a standard review style.

And all reviews would be in this style, with room for user comment. This could be as small or big as it wants or can be. Something that could expand with user content. Like Wikipedia.

Possibility? Students I’ve talked to suggest this is a major hole in student resources online. There doesn’t seem to be any centralised resource like this for students.


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