Interviews, theories and themes

In Transient Spaces on March 25, 2009 at 12:07 pm

I’ve contacted the Master’s PA to see if he would be interested in being interviewed. As well as to ask if I have permission to film on College grounds.

After the lecture today I’m thinking I could explore delinquency. Looking at the perspectives of the administration and the students. There are often controversial decisions regarding expulsions, restrictions, etc. A student was kicked out last year for nudity. Other students have been put on the “Water Wagon” at College events after drinking too much. This would be interesting because there are often completely opposed views on the punishments given out. For instance, nudity is seen as completely unacceptable by admin, a clear case of delinquent behaviour. Whereas a majority of students are involved in this at some stage in their college career, and see it as harmless fun.

The GFC could be an issue to look into as well. Less country students are going to university, it would be interesting to see if Queen’s enrolments have dropped substantially.


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