The first step…

In Honours blog on March 15, 2009 at 11:18 pm

What do you think the problem you are investigating is? Why do you think this matters?

These are the questions I need to answer to start exploring my project idea. At this moment in time here are my answers:

What need isn’t being met online for students in Melbourne? This matters because it will make life (or a specific aspect of student life) simpler and more efficient. It matters because niche online media is the way we are beginning to function as internet users. Because students are heavy internet users and will embrace a website that meets their needs.

I need to find out the specific aims of this projects before I can find out what research methods would be good for me. Will my website be a student service? A collaboration project where people can easily contribute? A money making website? An information resource? Entertainment?

Now from this, my first step might be that I need to use a quantitative methodology, such as a survey.

Statistical analysis might be an effective research method as well. I could look at current online trends, what sites get used most, how long do people spend on a website, what demographic goes where the most?

And I could definitely use action research once my problem is a little more refined. Or perhaps I could still use it now? My problem is finding an area online that students in Melbourne would need and use. So my next step would be to get out there and explore the problem to then develop a plan to solve it! Is this jumping the gun again? I might have to ask Adrian…


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