Action Research

In Honours blog on March 15, 2009 at 11:03 pm

Our group received the reading on Action Research. This is a comprehensive research method.

If our group was carrying out action research on the Labsome Honours program we would work together as a group to find a problem in the program. Once we had found a problem, (this is very PBL) we would comprehensively explore the Labsome program and the specific problem.

Through our research here we would design a plan. Implement it, reflect on the success and then make the necessary changes to the plan.

This is a very hands on, action research method.

 Also from the Personal Best program I did at school it is very similar to the Plan, Do, Study, Act model. Quality in Schools is the program we had that keeps reminding me of the PBL reading, and action research.

This research method seems like it would be a good methodology for most Honours projects. You really get involved with the problem/question you’re trying to solve/answer. And there is reflection, and alteration built in which is essential to developing any idea.


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