In Honours blog on March 13, 2009 at 2:30 am

Problem based learning. This appears to be a very efficient and practical learning method. You learn what you need to solve a given problem. Rather than learning A, B, C and D. You get a problem and will just learn the relevant parts of A, B, C and D, and maybe throw in a bit of X and Y as well. And then because you’re so interested in what you’re learning about and trying to solve, you’ll go beyond B and learn , B2. It makes sense. As long as you’re a person who can self-motivate.

For Honours this seems extremely relevant. Especially as I have the Giant Clock from my picture of what Honours looks like (see Research methods post ). This way I’ll only be learning, or researching what I need to know. My Honours project is my problem.

This reminds me of a program we had at school called Personal Best that was based around the Quality in Schools program. I think it was PBL. We would get to choose a project, make a detailed plan, including timelines, etc. Then we would complete the project and evaluate it. All the learning that was happening was through solving the problem of the project. And it was lots of fun! Therefore I’m going to extrapolate that Honours will be fun! Yay. I’m glad that’s sorted out. People keep saying how much hard work it is going to be…


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