Research methods

In Honours blog on March 12, 2009 at 3:42 am

Today’s class raised a few more questions about the way we will go about this year. Like most people I think I jumped the gun a little bit.

During the brainstorming I was thinking up all the things I needed to go look up and research. Instead I should be thinking about what method will I use to discover what I need to be researching.

While hard to restrain myself this does make a lot of sense, so there is less time wasted and my time will be used effectively.

We also draw what Honours looked like to us. Mine was going in all sort of directions, but the biggest element was a clock. Time is an issue, it’s a restraint on the size of the project. But if I can plan well with my methods then I’ll eventually have more time to develop the project.

So off to think about methods…


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