Transient Spaces musings

In Transient Spaces on March 10, 2009 at 3:22 am

Greetings. This will be my Transient Spaces blog. The place where I will be writing about the readings I read, the documentary I’m making, and anything else that seems relevant.

I was thinking about the various communities I’m involved in. There are quite a few. The community of Sandy Creek, where I grew up and my parents still live. Now Brunswick. My uni, RMIT. My various works. My home for my first two student years, Queen’s College.

And I was thinking that people tend to be protective of their communities in a similar way they are protective about their families. For instance, growing up I would always bitch and complain about my mean and extremely annoying older brother. But I would be deeply offended if someone else started to agree with me, or say anything negative about him, or anyone in my family.

In a similar way we can be highly critical about our communities, but we don’t tolerate outsiders being critical. I’ve complained about RMIT in the past. But if one of my Melbourne Uni friends starts to do the same I secretly am a little annoyed- who are they to say something about my university, what would they know?

When you are involved in a community you are aware of its faults. But you also have an attachment. I don’t know if pride is the right word, but there is a bond. And when people are critical of your community it’s hard not to feel that in some small way they are being critical of you and your involvement in the community.

So this is blog one.


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